Adam Graser
Fine Art Photographer

Married 30 years to a wonderful wife, we live in the country with a rescue dog. Our two sons are grown and living out their own lives now, so we are empty nesters. As a native east Texan, I enjoy small town living, friends and family, and gathering at local restaurants for good times. I love all types of music and have dabbled at guitar for almost 30 years, but my passion lies in photography.


Adam and Toni Graser

In 2006, I got serious about photography as I needed commercial fashion images for a project. With new camera, lights, and working with new models, it was a lot to learn at one time. Shooting in my garage, I learned lighting opposite than most photographers. Most shoot with natural light first, then eventually going into a studio facing the challenges of working strobes. I started in total darkness and introduced lights as I needed them, where I needed them.


Loaded down with cameras
-photo ©Toni Graser

Not tied down to a specific camera or format, I use digital and film. I use whatever I need for the image I want to make with some forethought on its intended use, but have the freedom to put down one to retrieve another. From iPhone to Canon 7D, to 35mm film to pinhole 4×5- a camera is a camera…it takes pictures.

I read as much as I can about photography mainly studying theory and psychology of the art. I’m interested in how we depend on photography as a culture, how it has affected our daily lives, and why we like (or dislike) an image we see. Mainly I’m looking how to better my craft beyond the technical aspects

For those who have watched my blog for some time, you’ve  seen the changes in my work and my focus as an artist. I’m glad you’re still around.