A Physical Book

There’s nothing quite like holding a real book in your hands, especially a photo book. The pictures are printed beautifully on the pages letting  you can take your time exploring each page- maybe while enjoying your coffee.

Make a Statement

The book makes a statement about your tastes in art and what is important to you. Beautiful pictures of landscapes in Alaska is certainly a first rate indicator to others that you appreciate great photography and the environment.

Complement Your Decor

Featured on a book shelf or placed on a coffee table, the colors of the front color can help you tie in colors in your room.

Value Added

At check out, you’ll receive a link to download your free copy of the book in an ebook format. Take it anywhere you take your phone or tablet. Discover the book in HI resolution on your desktop computer.

About the Photographer

I’m Adam Graser, a native east Texan, married for thirty years with two sons grown and living their lives. Yes, we’re empty nesters.

We’ve always wanted to take a trip to Alaska and my goal was to get landscapes of the scenery., but the word “scenery” is just not good enough for what I saw. What I saw made me want to live there (at least 6 months out of the year).

I was lucky to see a great deal of southeast Alaska while the weather was really good. The locals commented that typically the clouds cover most of the peaks of the mountains and that it was a rarity to get the type of shots I did.

In my photography, I’m looking for solid compositions and a setting that makes me want to be there again and again, maybe somewhere within the picture.

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